Gift Part 2

I have two girls, so when it comes time to make something for a boy- I have no ideas. If you have boys, or need a craft for a little guy you have to check out I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. you probably already read her blog. Awhile ago she did a version of a car caddy-originally posted by Jill for a matchbox car roll-up, and I thought this would be perfect for the party we were going to.

What I made mine out of :
 2 pieces of fabric 17 1/2 x 11 1/2 (just take a piece of paper and measure around three sides, then flip up and measure again)
Batting in the same dimensions
black elastic
2 pockets in 6 x 11 1/2 inches folded in half
black and yellow felt
fabric glue and
sewing machine
I took the back of the caddy and sewed on the label. I wanted it to look rough so I did a contrasting zig zag stitch.

I then cut out a road out of the black felt and sewed it to the inside piece of fabric. Place you needle as close to the edge as possible.

When I completed the road I added yellow felt stripes.

Just below the road add one of your pockets. I took the 6 x 11 1/2 and folded it in half. i figured the pockets would be played with the most so double layered would be better. Sew across the bottom with the fold down. Then flip it up and sew along the sides.

Place the bottom pocket along the bottom edge. Sew around the 3 sides.

measure to make sure your lines are evenly spaced. Sew a straight line to make pockets.

Take the top, bottom and batting layers and sew around the entire parameter leaving a small opening to invert.

Trim the edges and corners. Then invert, and sew opening closed.
Fill with cars and add the yellow road stripes with fabric glue. Trust me it's a lot easier then sewing around each individual rectangle.

I added elastic to the edge so when it was rolled it would stay in place.
Happy Birthday Vincenzo.

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Shalise said...

This was the most creative gift and so great for traveling. We'll be taking it on our next road trip, to the dr. office and if we can keep it reverent evough to church.