Die Job

Do you die you hair? Is it worth it? A friend and I have been debating whether it's better to be blonde or brunette. He thinks that Jennifer Aniston is H.O.T. Since she died her hair brunette for her latest movie, I say I win the debate. He disagrees.

And what about Rapunzel, she looks great with Brunette hair too.
And I'm kind of in love with this lady's hair. It's sort of in between- but still mostly blonde.

But then there's all the money you dump into it, and I think I would go insane worrying about the

So this might be a safe option...

I died my hair once professionally and it went horribly horribly wrong. In any case, where do you stand? Do you think brunettes look older? That's what I was thinking with the Jennifer and Rapunzel pictures... but Jennifer's eyes do look more blue. When I start to feel old should I go blonde? I do have part of a gift certificate left, maybe I should just go for it, and see if it's worth the hassle.

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Abby said...

personally, i think blonde or brunette doesn't matter as much as what color goes with your complexion. But of course, I also love to experiment and try new things. Just follow your instincts girl!