WTKW Mini Series

Food Label Decoding:Fat
  • Fat Free: The Product contains less than .5 gram of fat per serving.
  • "low fat" means there are three grams or less of fat perserving.
  • "light" means the food has up to 50% less fat that its full fat counterpart
  • Trimming fat from your diet can help lower ovarall calorie intake and spur weight loss. But don't  banish fat: aim to get 25-35% of your total calories from fat-from sources like canola and olive oils, nuts, seeds, avocados and fatty fish (salmon).
  • When removing fat manufacturers often add extra sugar or starch to keep products palatable. Also, fat-free products may cause people to overeat, most likely because the products are less satisfying.
  • Skip the often tasteless fat-free stuff and instead choose low-fat foods, which are more filling. Or, have a smaller portion of the full-fat version.

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