Re-sizing a shirt tutorial

I was given a few maternity shirts when I became pregnant but unfortunately we were different sizes. That's okay though! Here's an easy tutorial on how to re-size a shirt to fit you.

 I didn't take a 'before' picture, but this blouse was a 3/4 sleeve button-up. So I cut off the sleeves just after the seem. I also took a shirt that was my size, laid it on top of the blue shirt and cut it out. Save the scraps.

This portion of the shirt is the bottom 4 inches I cut off. Notice the bottom hem? Over lap the bottom scrap piece lining up the bottom hem. I cut mine at 2 inches. (don't you love those toes of my little helper?)

 Ok so now you've got a really long piece of 2 inch fabric with one long side already hemmed.
Cut into two equal size pieces. I just folded once and cut at the center.

 This is where you can make ruffle shoulder cuffs if you'd like. I just used the longest setting on my sewing machine for a basic straight stitch. Important: do not back stitch. You'll be pulling one of the two thread pieces to create the ruffle.
Pull the under thread to create the ruffle. and sew edges together to make a circle.

 Pin together raw edges of the blouse and the ruffle sleeve you've just created. The sew up the side seems and work all the way down the sleeve in one long line.
Ta Da! You did it. Since I didn't take a picture of me trimming up the blue shirt here is one that I did for a t-shirt.

Since I wanted to keep the t-shirt 'maternity' I twisted the center of the shirt so that the side seems were even.

Then I laid the shirt that was my size on top and cut. I left the length since I have a pretty long torso.

Lastly I simply sewed up the sides and down the sleeves. Done.

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