Perfect Towels

Have you ever wondered how to properly fold a towel? No? It's just me then. Guess I'm okay with that. When I was a poor college student I worked a part time job at Bed Bath and Beyond. They had a method for folding towels that make them come out perfect. So here we go:

Hand Towels

In case you were wondering, no I don't fold my towels on the carpet, I fold them in the air like every other house wife in the world, but you try folding a towel and taking a picture at the same time...
Start with the towel flat and open.

Find the edge with the tag sew in.
Fold it up about 5 inches or so.

Holding the folded end bring it about half an inch from the top.

Grab the new folded bottom edge and fold it again in half to meet with the previous edge at the top, again about half an inch.

Then fold in half the other direction.

There you see? No tag hanging out, and no nasty edges.

Here's a side view so you can see what I'm talking about.

Wash Cloths
It's almost the same except there's just one fold in the middle, because they are shorter.

Locate the tag, and fold it up about 2 inches or so.

Fold in half, half an inch from the top.

And Fold in half length wise.

Side view of the wash cloth


You're guest will think they're staying at a hotel with those folds.
Tomorrow I'll show you bath towels. I know it's exciting but do try to get some sleep!

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