Nest Update

THEY HATCHED!!! Mama Bird is on First Alarm with this stage, so I seriously took these as fast as humanly possible. So yes, to answer your question I know they are out of focus. Mama Bird made two serious passes at me, and I had a feeling that the third time wasn't going to be a pass. So I got out of there. Here's what I managed to get.

(In other news I am excited about my future flower pot...)She's telling me off again. I felt like holding up my daughter like the lion king, and yelling at her "I get it lady" but I think the neighbors would have wondered who I was talking to. Surely it was not the bird who was no doubt bad mouthing me.

Look at the little one's eyes in this one. Aww (and let's be honest, a little creepy)

So anyone know how long it takes for birds to learn how to fly? I'd like to have my front door back.

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