Empty Nester

For weeks the only way for me too look out my front door has been through the peep hole.

The birds were getting bigger and bigger, and Mama and Papa bird were spending less and less time at the nest (I've heard teenagers can do that to you).

Don't you love the huge marking of poo on the door? I know I don't.  I also feel bad for the guys on bottom. I think they should start calling dog piles-bird piles.

I'm glad I got one last picture day with these guys.

Because that night that had flown the coop, leaving behind the empty nest.
I'm a little sad, and a LOT happy they are gone.
The wreath by the way came off the door. Now it just needs a good power washing and we're all set.
I can finally walk on my porch again, and open my door to visitors. Woo Hoo!

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realmaplesyrup said...

aww. end of an era, or er- a few weeks? in any case a couple of tears the babies are gone, a couple more high fives you have your porch back!