72 Hour Kits

With the recent Natural Disasters I thought it would be good to refresh post about 72 Hour Kits. These are the items other than food that you'll want with you in case of an emergency. Find a place in your home where it will be the most convenient to grab these bags. Some sirens and alerts come only minutes before a disaster hits. I purchased these FOOD 72 Hour Kits today on groupdealz, but you can make them yourself too. I just wanted something I knew was sealed correctly, and already in a container. Sometimes, not driving around to 10 different stores and the time it takes to do so, just makes it worth it to buy it already assembled.

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Shalise said...

I had the same thought and dug out our backpacks on Sunday. My goal is to get them totally updated this week and have them ready to grab in an emergency. I didn't even have clothing or supplies ready for my toddler son.

Also, want to share a fun idea that my husband and I plan to do with our 72 hour kits in the future. Since our food expires every year or so and kids grow out of clothes quickly, we thought that we would make an annual surprise camping trip. Only he and I will know in advance that we are going and we'll announce it to the kids when they get home from school on a Friday. Everyone will have to grab their bags, get in the car and survive the night on thier 72 hour kits. I think it will help us better prepare our 72 hour kits for a real emergency and help the kids be adaptable to new situations and give us a chance to replenish with new food, clothing and activities as sizes and interests change.