WTKW-Beef Ribs

Here's the deal with the Beef Ribs. I generally don't give an F for a dish very often. But this dish was an EPIC FAIL. EWWW! It was nasty and greasy and fatty. I didn't even finish one of mine and there wasn't much meat on it anyway. My daughter didn't even touch hers. The worst part was that the veggies were great UNTIL I added them to the ribs to simmer and then they too just were covered in the grease. So sadly I'm not going to give you the directions, but I can at least show you what I did.

So I took all of this...
And browned the beef in one skillet...

While the veggies and herbs were doing there thing in another...

threw them all together (even though it did smell wonderful)

and then gave it a try.
Yuck! No Thank you. So I guess it's an "order pizza kind of night". Happy (non) wrecking!


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