Girl's Shirt

I bought this material awhile ago, and hadn't put it to use. I dug it out of my stash and decided to make a shirt for my daughter. Now I was taught by my mother the correct way to sew, using a pattern. That being said- most of the time I skip the pattern and just jump right in because I'm too excited to take the time to use one. So I grabbed a shirt that my daughter currently wears and just traced it for size.

Folding the fabric in half allowed me to get perfectly symmetrical shapes.

Here's her current shirt on the right, and I used a disappearing ink pen to trace half (ish) seem allowances all the way around.

I cut out the same shape for the front and back of the shirt.

I kind of made up my own shape for the sleeve.

So now I was ready to start sewing up the sides, and hem the bottom. I then attached the sleeves. I should have hemmed the cuff of the sleeve before attaching it to the shirt, so do that if you make one.

Then I just rolled down the entire neck opening to make a circle. I inserted some elastic and sewed the opening closed.

It was a piece of cake getting my model to hold still for a half second so I could take her picture (bwahahahaha-yeah right).
It's fine. I'll take the goofy smile!

Oh how much easier this project would have been with a serger. Ah Well, maybe later. (Isn't mothers day around the corner ??? hint hint...)

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