Here's the tutorial for making the bows I posted earlier. Sorry about the collage. It would have just been a million photos to upload. If you have any questions, or trouble, just let me know and I'll clarify.

Step 1: Measure and cut ribbon to 18 inches.
Step 2: Mark the half way point (9 inches). Don't worry it will be hidden, just use a normal pencil or what ever you have handy.
Step 3: Wrap the ribbon around like an "awareness ribbon" and sew a stitch through the middle to hold in place.
Step 4: Repeat on the other side
Step 5 and 6: locate the center of the ribbon loop and just lay it right on top of the center of the bow. 
Step 7: sew in place
Step 8: repeat on the other side
Step 9 wrap the thread around the center of the bow a few times and pull tight (be careful not to break the thread though!)
Step 10: tie a knot and cut off extra thread.  
To make it layered keep going...

Step 11:  Measure and cut a smaller piece of ribbon (I chose 14 inches)
Step 12 mark the half way point again (at 7 inches)
Now repeat steps 3-10 but don't cut off the needle yet.
Step 13: take the needle still attached to the smaller bow and stick it straight through the center of the larger bow.
Step 14: repeat this a few times until very secure.
Step 15: tie a knot and cut off the thread.

Now you can embellish any way you want. Add a button to the center, or wrap a little piece of ribbon around the entire bow. Ta da! Way to go. I knew you could be crafty!


Eli Bowman said...

perhaps I should buy some ribbon before bedrest. That would make a good project. :)

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tidbits said...

Abby, at first I was thinking "aww, how thoughtful of Eli". Then it just made me laugh to see it was you!