All Zipped Up

Are you sitting down? Good, I have pathetic news... I've never used my zipper foot before. I know. So naturally I would try to attach a zipper to something as trivial as a skirt I'm hoping to wear Easter Sunday. That's NOT my best idea I've ever had. Go big or go home I guess. So I needed a white skirt, and buying a new one was not in the budget. I figured, why buy one when I can just make one. It turned out awful. But who cares? My girls will be looking super cute in their dresses, no one is going to be looking at me.
I cut out 10 of those trumpet shapes of fabric, and sewed them together. Then I attached a waist band, and added the zipper. I'd give my final project about a C-. Not an epic fail, but it def. looks homemade. It fits though, so I'm going with it.
The next time I try a zipper it's going to be on something not so crucial. A coin purse maybe. Don't be intimidated by zippers though, they are easy. I used the tutorial Here to do my zipper.

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