WTKW- Tomato Soup

I always get a cold when major seasons change. That being said I wanted some good old fashioned soup, with an updated taste. I got the recipe here, but of course had to make a few adjustments.

What you'll need:
A pound of spinach
Pound of pasta (she calls for orzo, I had left over ditalini and mini shells, so I used those)
Vegetable stock (I also had a half carton of chicken stock, so I through that in too. I hate wasting)
Stewed tomatoes-I didn't have 'Italian tomatoes, so I just through in oregano and basil)
Garlic cloves

Mince and saute the onion and garlic

Add the stock, spinach, and tomatoes
I threw my tomatoes into the food processor because I hate biting into big chunks of them)

Let the spinach get nice and limp, Then throw in the pasta and cook for 15 min on medium heat.

It was so good, and the spinach just picked up the herbs and garlic taste, so it didn't taste like spinach.

For how I was feeling before, and after I give it an A. This would have been really good with ground hamburger or sausage in it. I thought it was filling enough on it's own though, so I'm happy I didn't add it.  Happy wrecking everyone!

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