OOOOh Baby!

My sister is preggo and due in a few months. Her shower was Saturday so I can FINALLY post these pictures. See all those times you thought I was just sitting at home eating candy and watching TV, I was actually working my batootie off. She's having a girl, but is loves the modern style, so pink black and white it is. A girl after my own heart.
I made her a lovie or a feelie-honestly I'm not really sure what these things are called, but it's flannel with ribbons around the edges for texture, and for added development I added the textured material to the back.

Her next gift was the classic burp cloth.

Flannel on one side, chenille on the other.

I decided to make 4. Can you ever have enough burp cloths?
I originally bought the chenille to make this:

I followed THIS tutorial and it was super easy. It's a changing pad with a pocket for the diapers and wipes on one end. The diapers make a kind of pillow. Que the AWWW.

And it has an easy velcro closer. simple.

But my very favorite gift was these little cuties:

seat belt strap covers

I followed THIS tutorial to make them. And whew I'm done!
If you're interested in a tutorial, let me know. I've got a lot of baby gifts in my future, so I'll be making a bit more.
*Mr. B thought the gifts were cool and also wondered why I hadn't made any of these for our own little babies. Shoot, guess I have a few more things to add to my to-do list.

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Eli Bowman said...

yeah girl. you've got a LOT more sewing to do! :) better get on that.