I've never spent this little at Jo Ann's

We don't use paper napkins, we use the cloth kind. Shocker, I know. But Mr. B and I have been doing little updates to our home, and we are trying to add more color. I love everything neutral, so it can get boring fast. I do LOVE the color green, however, so that's my compromise. (sheepish laugh) We needed more napkins and I had a $5 coupon for JoAnn's. This material was $8.99 a yard, so I used my mad algebra skills and got 5/8 of a yard. For those of you who don't want to use your mad algebra skills it cost me 62 cents after my coupon! I was laughing when I paid for it. And I'm pretty sure I paid in cash (read: found some change in the bottom of my purse) Score, right? It ended up giving me 8 napkins.
I got another $5 coupon the following week, so I bought some brown linen, and made 8 more.

*tear* I love a good inexpensive project. Now I can finally wipe my daughters face after breakfast.

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