Crayons Recycled

When I made the CRAYON ROLL-UP a few months ago, it is designed for 16 crayons. I could only find boxes of 24. It worked out great because the extra crayons went into little Madame's stash. As it goes with crayons most have broken, or gone dull, so it was time for a project.  We've done this a bunch at our house, but I was reminded how to make them the other day while reading another blog that I follow. Here's what I did. Collect the stash.

Peal and brake into smaller pieces, if necessary.

Fill a few silicone trays. NOTE: this will stain the tray, so if you plan on using them for baking purposes, get another tray just for crafting.

Bake for 10 min in the over, at 250.

Let them cool in the freezer

When hardened, run hot tap water on the back of the tray to help release the crayons.

Enjoy your spoil.

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