Cooking Apron

If you didn't just get an amazing Minnie Mouse apron from Disney World you might need an apron for WTKW.
Here is a tutorial of how I've made my aprons in the past.
You'll need a yard of Pretty fabric, as your outside piece (I'll call mine purple), and a yard of heavy duty khaki fabric (bottom weight) for the inside piece.
Lay both pieces of fabric on the working surface (don't you love that my working surface is my floor?) And cut out your pattern. I make mine about half a yard wide. For the height, do you see my crease right before the top part of the apron? I didn't iron it out so you could see to unfold the the fabric and cut the top from the other half. Making the apron
 19 inches wide, and 25 inches tall for the small size, add an inch to each dimension for larger sizes.

With the fabric remaining, cut 4 purple pieces, and 4 khaki pieces. You'll be using these for the waist straps and the neck straps. I cut the waist straps 2.5 x 19 inches, and the neck straps 1.5 x 19 inches.
Put the matching sizes together, outside facing each other (one of each color) and sew down the sides making a tube. When finished, invert.

Lay the khaki fabric face up and the straps at the corners of your patterns.

Lay the purple apron piece face down over the straps and khaki material.

Be sure to over lap the straps about half and inch over the edge, making sure to catch it in the seam. Sew all the way around, leaving a space at the bottom to inside out the entire apron. When finished, invert and sew around again closing the hole.

Finish off the ends of the straps, and admire your work!

I love this purple material. So girlie yet, subtle.

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