Wreck the Kitchen Wednesday

Cake Balls!

These have been so popular lately. Who likes bringing a sheet cake, and worrying about the serving spoon, plates, forks and all that? I don't. These are a great alternative. It's the same thing, but bite sized, and better!

What you'll need:
Any boxed cake mix (I'm NOT a baker so Betty Crocker's version works just great for me!)
Cookie tray
chocolate wafers-the kind you use for making candy
optional: sprinkles

How it's done:
1. Make the cake mix per package instructions
2. While the cake is still hot dump the whole thing into a mixer with 3/4 of a can of frosting.. I used my kitchen aid mixer with the metal whisk attachment, but use what works for you, or what you have on hand, it's doesn't have to be the same.
3. When well blended put the bowl in the refrigerator to cool-I left mine for about two hours.
4. When completely cooled get out your cookie tray and ball little balls of the cake/frosting mixture. I like mine to be about an inch and a half in diameter.
5. Let the tray freeze for about 6 hours. If your garage is as cold as mine is, set it out there!
6. When you're ready (you can let them freeze longer) work in small batches and melt chocolate wafers to dip the ball in. I stuck a toothpick through each of mine to dip them. As soon as the ball comes out of the chocolate roll the ball in sprinkles-once the chocolate hardens nothing will stick to it, so work fast! And you're done.

My cake mix with frosting made 28 balls. One bag of chocolate wafers was plenty, and I used a 4 oz. container of sprinkles.
This would be so easy to make festive. Chocolate balls dipped in white with orange sprinkles for Thanksgiving, White with red and green sprinkles for Christmas. Or just roll them in what you have around the house for birthdays.


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