Color Wheel

I took a few hundred art classes in high school and college. It's pretty important to me to teach my daughter different elements of art, and this week I chose the color wheel. I did this in my kitchen so it was an easy clean up.

What you'll need:
up to 12 paper plates- you might use less, but there will  be 12 total colors.
tempera paint in red, yellow and blue
towels or wipes to clean off hands in between colors.

1. Start by putting red, yellow, and blue paint on their own separate plate.
2. spread the paint very thin across the whole plate and put the child's hand flat into it. Press the hand on the canvas.
3. repeat each of those steps for each color. Here are the 12 colors:
red orange
orange (red + yellow)
marigold (red + yellow + yellow)
chartreuse (yellow + yellow +blue)
green (yellow + blue)
teal (yellow + blue +blue)
indigo (blue + blue + red)
purple (red + blue)
violet (red + red + blue)
each time you see a primary color add it to the paper plate and mix. We used our fingers.

to make a proper color wheel your primary colors (red, yellow and blue) should be in a triangle. Secondary colors (orange, green and purple) in between  coordinating primary colors, and tertiary in between a secondary and primary color.

I had little madame overlap her hand prints a little. It was fun teaching her about the colors.
Primary = one color
secondary = combination between two primary colors
tertiary = combination of one primary and one secondary
*for a bonus opposite colors on the color wheel make brown.
opposites are red and green, blue and orange, and yellow and purple.
I think I'll print out the names of each color on nice paper and tape it on the wall around the picture.



Eli Bowman said...

that turned out so cute! you could frame it and hang it in her room. good idea.

Shalise said...

I haven't commented but I've been checking daily tidbits and love it. Love what you've been doing with the look of the page too!! So many things I want to try when I have a bit of time.