Wreck the Kitchen Wednesday-Beef Leek Tomato Salad

Well I stated running again. A friend of mine wants to run a marathon or half marathon in May so I told her I would be her running partner. There's a catch though. I don't do marathons-half or whole. So I'll do a 10k- my longest race officially. In an effort to not completely blow the running I've been doing (sayonara baby weight) I want to eat healthier. Mr. B is a meat and potatoes kind of a guy so I'd like to call this dish The Great Compromise. Rachel Ray calls it BLT (Beef, Leek and Tomato) Salad. Call it what you want, that's how we're wrecking the kitchen this Wednesday. The ingredient new to cook with is the leeks. I always knew it was an onion, but I use Spanish yellow, or scallions about 100% if the time. So this was a nice way to branch out, but not too far. Leeks are much more mild than a typical Spanish onion. They didn't burn my eyes when I cut them (yea!) and the flavor was present but not over powering.
I didn't sub any ingredients this time... It has meat in it, so sue me. However all of the produce was organic, and the steak comes from locally raised, grass fed cows- so I think I should get points there. (My family awards arbitrary points for good things, half points are permitted)

Grade: Mr. B and I both agreed it was a solid B+. Flavor was good. Prep to finish took 30 min. (not including the 5 it took for me to run next door and grab an ingredient from my neighbor he he) and it was easy. It lost points for bacon, who doesn't love it, but it's really unhealthy. Also for the dressing, it was good but really strong.
Changes for the next time: Instead of slicing the steak, and assembling the salad per bowl, I would have cubed the steak after cooking it, and thrown all the ingredients with the dressing in a large bowl and tossed it. I also would have used about half of the red wine vinegar. In all though, a really good salad! This would be really yummy in the summer with the veggies out of the garden.

Do you have an ingredient that you're intimidated by? Is there a recipe you've been wanting to try, but want someone else to make it first? Let me know. I'll see if I can make it, and give you the feedback. Just let me know with some comment love.

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Amanda said...

I challenge you to bok choy! I always see it at the store and know they use it in stir fry but have never tried it myself.