Wreck the Kitchen Wednesday-Pasta e Fagioli

Pasta e Fagioli
I've been trying lately to make meals with ingredients that I'm not familiar with, or haven't used before. This is a bonus meal because it includes 2 special ingredients: fennel-which I've known existed, but had no idea what it tasted like, or how to use it. The second is escarole, which I had no idea what it even was until I googled an image of it (is that sad or what?). I found out it's a lot like chard, but not as bitter.

Pretty sure I want to use fennel as much as possible now. It smells just like black licorice. Yummy. I felt like cutting up a bulb and just letting it sit out on my counter-but alas it went into the soup, by far the better option. What I also liked about this meal is that its allergy friendly for my daughter. It can also very easily be made vegan style, just skip the sausage, and use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock.

The ingredeints
plus this
...and this
equal this

Here is the recipe. A few items of note: I did change mine slightly. Here's why-the directions call for a head of garlic roasted for 45 min. I had 45 min to make dinner and didn't check the directions well enough to realize that. I just substituted it for 1 tablespoon of garlic powder. Also, I have no idea what cannellini beans are, it looks like great northern beans, so that's what I used. We also skipped the parm, cause of the whole milk thing with the girl.  Honestly after eating it, I didn't notice. Last sub was regular sausage for the sweet Italian style, cause it was on sale :)

Grade: A My husband loved it. I loved it. My 2 year old loved it. It's hardy, and filling, and PACKED with flavor. Perfect for a winter day. I would give it an A+ except it kind of took me awhile on the time side. If you don't have to worry about that, that you can't miss with this one! It was a.ma.zing!


Leslie said...

So glad you posted this. Guess what I'm gonna make for dinner tonight? :)

Eli Bowman said...

Leslie called me the next day and said it was one of the best things they've ever eaten! I'm going to make it soon, once I get to the store! :) I can't wait!

Eli Bowman said...

ok. this is Abby. I really need to check who's logged on to blogger. :)