Painting Canvases

Recently I made a little piece of art for my daughters room. Here's what I did. I started out with 9 canvases each are 4 x4 inches.
I laid them all out and  one inch apart.
Then I numbered them all. This step is crucial when it comes time to hang your art work.
I then laid a piece of transparent paper on top of all 9 canvases, and marked with a blue pen where the top two corners of each canvas were.

Remember to number the transparent paper as well, coordinating with the canvas underneath. Remove the transparent paper and flip all canvases over, pushing them all together.
I then took tape and made "stripes". This works great with painters tape. I overlapped my tape over several blocks so the line would look continuous even after the blocks were separated.
Then I painted. My daughters room is yellow and brown, so I just used the leftover paint from her walls.
Wait for the paint to dry completely (this could take up to 24 hours) and remove the tape (by far the best part).
And now you have your completed art.

My next tutorial will show how to hang the artwork. If you want a color other than white for the blocks, paint all the canvases one color and then wait for them to dry before adding the tape.

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