Hanging Canvases

Here's a helpful way to hang lots of small canvases. Remember that transparent paper I laid over the mini canvases? I put blue dots in each of the upper corners for each one.
Then I taped the paper on the wall and put a nail right through each of the blue dots and the paper. There's a little number under each set of nails so I know which canvas to hang where.

Then I just ripped the paper down, leaving the nails on the wall, and placed the canvases on their coordinating spot. This will save you a lot of headache from using a level and a ruler.
If you're looking for a way to hang larger pieces of art click HERE. A friend of mine writes this blog, and she's even craftier than I am!

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Abbey said...

Wow, I feel so honored! Cute canvases, btw. Such a good idea.