Crocheted Dish Cloths

 We are as paperless as possible in our house. Go Green! In order to stay that way I make my own dish cloths. I use a separate set for dishes, wiping off my daughters hands after eating, cleaning around the house, and for the bathrooms. They wash up perfectly in hot water so I just add them to the linens load of laundry for the washing machine. I use white yarn so I can bleach them when needed. If you're not worried about them discoloring feel free to use colored yarn. It might be easier to keep straight which colors are used for which surfaces.

This project is so easy. If you already know how to crochet-skip to step 4. If not, that's fine too. This project is a perfect place to start. In fact this is always my go-to project when people ask me to teach them. I learned how to crochet from a friend when I was 12, so don't be intimidated to show your kids how to do this as well.

What you'll need:
Cotton yarn
crochet needle-also referred to as a "hook" I used size G/6/4.25mm)

1. Make a slip knot leaving a long tail.
2. Insert your needle and tighten the knot around it
3. Hold your yarn with your non-dominate hand. I am right handed so my hook will always stay in my right hand, and the yarn in my left. Wrap the yarn around the back of the hook clockwise. Let the yarn catch under the hook and pull your needle through the hole. This is called a "chain". You'll see it abbreviated in patterns as "ch".
4. Repeat the chain 42 times. It will look like a long braid.
5. We will now be making a single crochet or "sc". Insert the needle back down into the 41st chain (in other words you'll be skipping the last chain you just made). Wrap the yarn around the back of the needle  and pull it back down through the same hole. Wrap the yarn around the back one more time and pull it through both loops already on the needle. You've just made your first chain!
*The picture with the blue pointer shows how to skip a chain.
6. Skipping every other chain make a chain and a single crochet to complete row 2.
Now you're going to flip your project just like a page in a book. You'll always be working from your dominate hand to your non-dominate hand. So for me I always more right to left.
7. If you gently pull your project you'll see holes in between each single crochet. That is where you will insert your needle from now on.
8. At the end of each row make an extra chain and flip your project. complete the pattern across the row once more. In every hold make a single crochet followed by a chain stitch. You'll notice the pattern after a few rows.
9. when you think you have made it long enough fold the dish cloth into a triangle. If it forms a triangle you're done. If not, just add a few more rows until it does.
10 . Dish cloth complete!
11. Remember that tail you left in the beginning with your slip knot? Just weave the tail in and out until it's all tucked in.

I'm a picture girl, so here is a picture step-by-step.

This looks great with 3 or four folded with a ribbon around it, if you want to make a gift for someone. Thanks for stopping.

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