'Twas The Night Before Christ's Birth

‘Twas the night before Christ’s birth
And all through the land
Not a creature was stirring
All was in hand

The shepherds lay peaceful
Asleep with their flocks
Sheltered by boulders
And cradled in rocks

While Mary on donkey
With Joseph beside
Were trekking toward Bethlehem
A place to reside

When up in the sky
There arose a great light
That bathed the whole countryside
In glory so bright

It guided the couple
To a small inn
Begging for shelter
And warmth from within

The innkeeper sadly said
There is no place
But since you look tired
I’ll find you a place

He went to his stable
And said this was all
But you can bed down
In the hay in the stall

They were grateful for shelter
And sank down to sleep
Among the cattle
The oxen and sheep

Mary birth that night
Baby Jesus his name
Placed in a manger
The world to acclaim

His birth was announced
By angels that night
To shepherds on hillside
Quaking with fright

They traveled to town
To see the new child
Laid in a manger
So sweet and so mild

His strength was in peace
Not in war as they thought
He is the redeemer
He wont be forgot

Poem Written by my mother Emily Rout, and Sue Thomas, Christmas of 1972


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