Bath Foam

I was walking around the dollar store about a week ago and found these sheets of craft foam. There were 20 sheets included in the pack, and came with 6 colors.

 I then cut out a bunch of shapes. Each color was assigned a shape. Red circles, green squares, etc. I put them in my daughters stocking, and when she took a bath that night we dumped in all the shapes. She created a masterpiece! The best part was that it was fun to let her explore, and learn at the same time. I would ask her to find a 'green' shape, or a 'heart' and she would look for the right piece to stick to the wall.

Because they are foam, they also float.
I only used one sheet of each color for her shapes, so now I have a bunch of left over foam for another project. So cheap inexpensive! The shapes took me about 5 min to cut out and I didn't use a pattern. I love projects like this. Now I've learned my daughter does too. My hope is to later expand her vocabulary: asymmetrical, symmetrical, organic, mosaic, small, large, pointed, round- you get the idea. The foam shapes not only stick to the tub wall, they also stick to each other. So the child using them can also layer the shapes.   Happy Exploring!

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Valerie said...

This is a great idea! I've seen those jars of bath foam shapes but never wanted to pay the money for them. I never thought to make our own. Next on the list for birthday presents...