New Month, New Theme!

Hello July. Oh how I love July. The 4th is my favorite holiday. And the best birthday of all is this month, mine! Ok well maybe not best of all, but this year is my golden birthday. I'll be 26 on the 26th!

For this month I've decided to do emergency preparedness. There's just a lot that can go on in terms of natural disasters, vacationing, kids playing outside- really any situation. So let's begin.

Have a list of emergency phone numbers handy. I don't just mean the usual either.
 Fire department

 Police, sheriff, or constable

 Department of Public Safety

 Ambulance rescue

 Doctor—home and office

 Hospital

 Poison control center

 Highway assistance

 Home teachers

 Visiting teachers

 Bishop

 Relative or close friend
 Distant contact: In case there is a localized emergency have a long-distance contact that family members/friends can check-in to

You'll find this list not only handy to you, but if you have children that are being watched, this is a great all-inclusive list for a sitter.

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