Show Me The Money!

Saw this tip on another's blog... blog hopping... can't remember the source. If I find it I'll let you know.

Take a jar and set it aside. Now add another jar for each child and label it with their name (color code it-whatever works) In fact the child could even decorate the jar themselves with stickers or something. Put 10 dimes in each child's jar. Every time there is an argument, fight, not sharing, temper tantrum- you make the rules- remove a dime from the offending child/children's jar. At the end of the week they can buy something at the store, farmers market, ice cream truck. BUT this can work both ways-they can earn extra dimes as well. By helping out a family member without being asked, by volunteering to help with dinner etc. make the bonus dimes few and far between and for whatever reason you want. The person in charge decides and only gets to know how to reward. Did they sit reverently during the entire block of church? That could earn an extra dime. It's all up to you. You'll be amazed at how quickly behavior can turn around when kids hear the cling of money.

* Here's a thought. Reward yourself too. Maybe you could make a Goal Jar and put dollar coins in it for you and your significant other. The opposite person is in charge of the other's jar. Did you get into an argument? Say a swear word, not finish a to-do chore-remove a coin. Did you make some one's favorite dinner, help with you're hunny's do-to list, provide service for another, loose an extra pound or two? Add a coin. At the end of the week convert it to dollars and go on a date or save up for something you've really wanted.

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