Graduation Gown Revisited

I love playing dress-up with my nieces and nephews. I decided one day to pull out my old graduation gown from college and act like I was a judge. I walked into the room where the kids were playing and said, "court is now is session! Honorable Judge Lizzy presiding." The children all stared at me. I then took the opportunity to explain how the judicial system worked (on an age appropriate level). I played judge, there was an accused person, a crime read (typically something like eating cookies before dinner, taking a toy from the store without paying-something a child might actually do) We then chose two attorneys and the rest of the children were the jury. Crimes were punishable by three things- fine, community service or jail time (none were ever carried out) and then we would rotate. Sometimes witnesses were called to the stand. It is so much fun, and a great way to learn about the legal system and real consequences.

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Tonya said...

You know I love this. It's so nice of you to share the idea with everyone. ;)