G, PG, PG 13, TV 14, M, R...

Do you really know what all of those ratings mean? We see them at the start of television programs and for the lastest block busters, but does our understanding need updated? Let's take a look.
Movie Rating System:
G: the motion picture contains nothing in the ratings board's opinion that parents would find offensive for children. G-rated movies may contain mild language (words like stupid, idiot, heck, darn) and violence but no nudity, sex or drug use.

PG: may contain some limited profanity; violence may be depicted a bit more graphically; brief nudity may be present but these elements are not deemed intense enough to warrant a stronger rating.

PG 13:Bloody violence will usually garner a PG-13 or above rating as will use of the F-word. Longer instances of nudity and violence are permissible within the PG-13 rating as are uses of sexual expletives (such as the F-word) so long as they are used as expletives and not in a sexual context. More than one instance of this sort of language or using such terms in a sexual context will generally result in an R-rating.

R: R-rated films may contain adult themes and activities, strong language, sexually-oriented nudity, drug use and extended violence.

Source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/738155/movie_ratings_meanings_for_parents.html?cat=25

TV Rating System: This system is a bit more complicated. There is a general rating, and then there are additional aids below to help guardians know just what the program entails. Here is a link to the descriptions and explanations for each rating: http://www.tvguidelines.org/ratings.htm I encourage all to go here and educate themselves on the TV ratings.

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