Family home evening is a special time set aside each week that brings family members together and strengthens their love for each other, helps them draw closer to Heavenly Father, and encourages them to live righteously. ~lds.org

In my opinion few other activities can come close to the togetherness and unity a family night can bring. Here's how it works. Set a night aside each week that makes your family the only priority. Cell phone and other calls are postponed until after, meeting for work and other social gatherings are withheld as much as possible. This night is about being with your family. It can be as formal or as informal as you want it to be. In our faith, we can have a f\very formal family night, starting with a prayer and a song. Someone offers a lesson on something important and pertinent. Then we close with a dessert. If you'd like a lovely decoration for your home you can find one here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/38296570/family-home-evening-board Wouldn't describe your family as formal? That's fine, make it a game night or a night to explore something in your community. The idea is to just be with your family, and allow a positive atmosphere to exist. While growing up my family also added a cultural element where we learned about something from around the world, and a current event so even young children knew about issues in the world. To this day I am still so grateful for our Family Home Evenings together and love continuing this with my children.

http://www.lds.org/hf/fhe/welcome/0,16785,4210-1,00.htmlHere is another helpful link to help you get started.

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Awww, thanks for the spotlight on my board! I am looking forward to all your tips and ideas for families this month.