Chores and Tasks

My mom probably made every type of chart out there to help us with the things we needed to do. Not only are they helpful to children but they also help the parents too. Here's a fun way to complete chores in the home:

What you'll need:
2 cans
Popsicle sticks
permanent marker
construction/scrapbook paper

How to complete it:
1.Write one chore on each stick, until all chores are listed.
2. wrap each can with paper. Different colors help the children know what needs to be done, and what is complete. You could write something like "task" on one and "done" on the other.
3. Have each child take a turn pulling out several chores. They could be anything from dusting, to watering the plants, to helping with dinner. These are not chores that need to be done by each child every day, like picking up a bedroom etc.
4. Leave several blank sticks in the can. If a child pulls a blank stick it's a free pass.
5. When the task is completed pop the stick into the "done" can. When all stick make their way into this can, it starts over.

This is a great way to make sure all things are getting accomplished and everyone is helping. Here is a picture of how a chart might look including the three "stick" chores:

* Added later
found this while blog hopping- Chore dice http://deliacreates.blogspot.com/2010/05/chore-dice.html such a cute idea!

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Tonya said...

Awesome idea! I may very well try this! Love that there are some "free" pass sticks involved. Thanks for sharing!