24. Registering for gifts is a great way to give your guests options. When I worked at Bed Bath and Beyond, one of the largest things they centered on were bridal registrations. They have bridal consultants that help the happy couple know what are good ideas to include on the registry. Here is my tidbit from experience. Most people spend around $20. So have many options that allow your gift givers the opportunity to spend what is in their budget. Of course there will be the exception to that. Sometimes you’ll have guests that will want to give a group gift so register for a few big ticket items. Register for many things-but not too many. By this I mean that if your registry has as many pages as the dictionary people are going to feel that you are being a little greedy. Also, don’t be afraid of making returns. No one is going to know if you weren’t particularly fond of a gift and needed to bring it back. You might even get multiples of some things. Not everyone remembers to scan the registry when purchasing a gift. The faster you make a return after the wedding the more likely a store will be willing to work with you. Check with the store’s policy as well. Some stores offer cash back if an item was listed on a registry.

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