Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Oh the wedding shower. Proper etiquette states that someone is supposed to volunteer to do the shower for you, and this typically shouldn’t be a sister or your mother. Times are changing though. Wedding showers are starting to become co-ed, casual, hosted by whoever you want. Here are some ideas for a shower:

Invitations: Don’t spend a lot of money of the invitations; they are going to be thrown away as soon as it’s over.

Games: the games we played at my sister’s shower were 1. How well do you know the groom? This is for the bride. The host previously asks the groom 20 or so questions about himself. Ask the bride each question and for every one she gets wrong she has to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth. Hopefully by the end she won’t be drooling all over her chin!

2. Wedding Gift Bingo. Make a blank grid for guests to fill out of gifts they think the bride will receive. As she opens the shower gifts cross off the items on the Bingo sheet that matches. First one to a Bingo wins.

3. Wedding dress made out of toilet paper. Each guest takes a turn wrapping several layers of toilet paper around the bride to see what her dress may look like.

4. Famous Couples. This is a good getting to know you game. When each guest arrives give them either the male of female half of the couple. The idea once all the cards are handed out is to see who holds the other half of the couple.

5. Before the shower begins take the envelopes for the thank you cards and put them in a basket. Randomly choose an envelope and mark the inside with a little “x”. When the shower is getting started pass around a basket of envelopes. Have each guest write their address on the outside. Collect the thank you cards and see whose card contained the “x”. This is also easy to do with the dessert plates. Put an “x” on the bottom of one of the plates. After each guest has gone through the line see which guest has the winning plate!

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