Places Everyone!

I have seen my share of rehearsal dinners. My little tidbit here: feed people first. Everyone is happier with a full stomach. This can be anywhere from the cheap and easy 5 foot sub that everyone gets a slice of or a beautiful extravagant dinner in a fancy restaurant. Have it early enough so if children are participating (flower girl/ring bearer) they don’t have to stay up to late to watch their parents practice. This is the time to allow yourself to get those jitters and anxieties out of your system. With everyone well rehearsed you’ll have a much smoother ceremony. I read somewhere (the source escapes me now) where a young bride was having trouble with her mother and step mother getting along. The step mother bought the dress that the mother was going to wear to the wedding. So the mother was one step ahead and wore it to the rehearsal dinner. I guess she was the smarter one in the end.

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