Bon Voyage

The honeymoon-Where do we begin? No, not there… When my brother got married they planned a honeymoon to Mexico and filed for their passports. They waited a little too long to get them and didn’t have them in hand on the day they were married. My older brother made an announcement at the reception that the papers had been processed and they honeymoon was on! Don’t cut it that close or you just might have to cancel one of the most romantic trips in your relationship. If someone offers to pay for a honeymoon for you hopefully they offer to do it sooner than later. Take the trip if you have somewhere else in mind you can always go there for an anniversary later. A free trip is a free trip!

Mr. B's parents paid for us to go on a honeymoon cruise and still to date it has been one of our favorite vacations ever. It was so nice of them to do that for us, because as poor college students, we couldn't afford to pay for one ourselves. Thanks again!

One of our favorite stories as a couple stemmed from that trip: When Mr. B and I got married I was 19 and the cruise that we went on served alcohol. We don’t drink, but because I was underage, he had to sign a paper saying he would be my legal guardian on the ship and would ensure that I wouldn’t consume any drinks. We still have a good laugh about that.

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