Bell of the Ball

The dress. Is there anything more important than the dress? Here are some trends in dresses this year: http://www.austinweddingblog.com/ , http://www.austinweddingblog.com/2010/02/pocket-wedding-dresses.html  and http://www.austinweddingblog.com/2010/02/stunning-latex-wedding-gowns.html  I am a huge believer in looking good at any size. The biggest key is to dress for your body type and to address those areas that you are self conscience of. If you’re embarrassed because of your arms don’t get a strapless dress unless you plan of getting a bolero jacket. The dress can also set the tone for the wedding. A friend of mine just got married in Hawaii, and she didn’t wear any shoes. She wanted everyone to feel comfortable and laid back. Another trend right now is vintage. Birdcage veils are making a come back. The color of the year is teal and a new trend is dresses are pockets!

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