wedding day emergency kit: http://ezinearticles.com/?Wedding-Day-Emergency-Kit-Checklist&id=822360

 You don’t want to be awaiting your “Go!” to walk down the isle just as your hair falls out, or tugging at your dress every other second while enjoying your reception. Have an emergency kit on hand to tackle the biggest to the smallest of problems. Here’s my little tidbit- give the kit to your maid of honor or your mother. Their primary goal that day is to make sure you are your best, so who better to take care of it? You’ll have a million and one things on your mind that day, so have someone else tackle this one. That way if nothing goes wrong, you didn’t waste any energy thinking about it.

I ended up using my 911 kit for my sisters wedding, but to my surprise it wasn't for her, it was for her son. He had just taken a huge drink of Raspberry Crystal Light and had a dark red mustache to match. Getting out some make-up remover and baby wipes that little mustache was off in a flash, and the pictures went off without a hitch. Emergency avoided. The bride had no idea, which exactly how the event should have happened.

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