Variety of Sizes

When loading any vehicle it is so handy to have a large variety of sizes of boxes/bins. When you've got all the same size bin you'll find that your truck is not packed for "rough waters". Items will shift in the truck during a move so the tighter you have it packed the better. Providing different size boxes will help pack the truck more securely and will help for less shifting. Don't pack flat items either. Ironing boards, tennis rackets and other items of this nature are nice to squeeze into small spaces when you need something narrow to make a tight fit. Skinny boxes and small "bread box" size boxes are always handy too. Give your loader the right amount of sizes to make your items ship the safest.

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Allison said...

I am LOVING your blog! Thanks for all the tidbits...we are moving the end of summer so all your packing advice is great! :)