I would recommend this to anyone, but especially those using moving services. Mark your valuables with code words. I always use the same code work for my jewelry box with a word that would mean nothing to the person reading the label. For example I could use "Lego's" as the code word or "barbie toys". Something to signal to you that it's your valuable jewelry but not something someone would take the time to look at. They're never going to know if what's inside really are Lego's or what. If you're especially worried about on lookers you can either hand carry them yourself or ship them. Did you know that the USPS is still one of the safest ways to ship something. Diamonds area all shipped through USPS mail. So ship them to your house. The USPS and other services also have delayed shipping options as well. So you can post-date the box to ship a few days after you arrive at your new place.

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