Loading the boxes

I made this mistake once, and I'll never do it again. I share with you so you do not make the same mistake. My husband and I were given a huge amount of things when we got married. Gifts and hand-me-downs were plentiful, which is amazing, unless you move 8 times in 6 years like we did. Well on one such move I wanted to get a jump start on the packing. I packed up everything that was not used very often, not very valuable or things we just didn't need or want to look at our last month at the current apartment. So I stacked the boxes in our living room and continued the process until the day we moved. When the movers came they started with the boxes nearest the door (the ones I had packed first) and continued until the truck was full. We were on a major deadline to get back to our home state and didn't have much time for mistakes. That's when the biggest one happened. We ran out of room. The truck could only hold so much and we were left with boxes and furniture of things we needed and used all the time. With no room in the truck and being in a situation of virtually no extra money (hence the reason for the move back home) we were left with the most painful decision of throwing away items that we desperately needed and had planned on using in our new place. Our truck was loaded with items we didn't need or didn't care about first and so we threw away so many valuable things. We couldn't even give things away. Anyone need a new vacuum or microwave? I drove 12 hours home with Waterford crystal in my lap because our car was so packed. It was heartbreaking thinking of all of those things needed replaced when we arrived at our new place. Moral of the story stack the boxes with the most valuable/most often used in the truck first. If you're left with an apartment full of boxes it will be things you didn't really care about or use that often anyway.

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