No not that kind of a drive-by, well then again it might include one of those... When my husband and I were first married we didn't have a lot of money-not many new couples do. We lived in a not so great part of town with not so great activities around. One night as we were sitting in our living room we heard gun shots from outside the window-right outside the window. We hit the floor and crawled to the window peering outside (we were on the third floor so we thought it was safe to look). We saw two cars side by side driving down the strip right in front of our apartment shooting back and forth at each other. A little tidbit: if you have the luxury of doing a local move do a drive by at night. If families are out talking, runners are seen, and people are walking their dogs this is a good sign. If all lights are out, cars are rundown and broken, and there isn't a soul in sight this might be an indication of a place you don't want to move. Several Realtors have given us the advice of doing a drive by in the evening when considering moving. We've never lived in such a place again even when our budgets couldn't afford much better.

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