Your Hair Type

Oily Characteristics: Greasy, clumps together at the root, gets dirty quickly.
Cause: Genetics, over stimulation of oil glands due to stress, vitamin deficiency, poor diet, sweat
Fix: Shampoo often with a gently “frequent use” shampoo.

Dry Characteristics: dull, breaks easily, frizzy, prone to split ends, stiff
Cause: genetics, environmental factors, scalp deficient in fatty acids or other nutrients, over processing.
Fix: use a moisturizing shampoo (look for wheat germ oil on the ingredients list) and conditioner along with an intensive conditioning treatment once a month or, if super-dry every two weeks. Cut back on your use of the blow-dryer. Look for gentler products and simplify your hair style.

Normal Characteristics: strong, soft, shiny, full of body, easy to handle
Cause: genetics, well-balanced diet, gentle hair care
Fix: keep doing what you’re doing. Shampoo every couple of days or daily with a gently “frequent use” shampoo.

Oily Scalp, Dry Hair Characteristics: hair that’s greasy at the root and dull, lackluster, stiff and brittle at the ends.
Cause: over processing
Fix: Shampoo every other day with a shampoo for normal hair, and concentrate on the scalp. Alternate once a week with a purifying (clarifying) shampoo. Use a moisturizing conditioner from mid-strand down to the ends and a deep conditioner once a month.

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