You Are Beautiful

Most of the tidbits for this month come from a wonderful book titled “Beauty-The New Basics” (how appropriate) by Rona Berg. I suggest you check it out.

Before I begin this month's theme of Beauty, I wanted to add a side note. The tidbits for this month are not to change who you are. We are all beautiful and have our own strengths to offer. These tidbits are to help educate and add a little something extra to our knowledge of the subject.

Here's a fun tidbit to get us started: In July of 1942 the War Production Board classified cosmetics as "inessential" and limited production. In October, the board reversed its position, citing the importance of cosmetics for morale.

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Mommy Tips said...

that's so interesting.And true I think. It definitely doesn't matter in the long run, but what a difference it makes in how we feel about ourselves and appear to others. hmmmm....