What Skin Type Are You

Knowing your skin type helps you treat you skin the way it needs to be treated, and allows you to skip the regimens that don't work for you. Improper treatment could also make a condition worse.

Oily: Shiny skin, enlarged pores, prone to blackheads and blemishes, some tightness.

Combination/Normal: Medium pores, smooth and even texture, good circulation, and healthy color, may tend toward dryness on the cheeks, may be oily in T-zone.

Sensitive: Thin, delicate fine pores. Flushes easily, prone to broken capillaries, frequently allergic, can be rashy.

Dry: Feels tight, especially after cleansing; fine wrinkles, flaking red patches. In women of color, appears ashy or dull from dead kin buildup.

Aging or sun-damaged: Feels tight, visible wrinkles, slack skin tone-especially around cheeks and jaw line-leathery texture, broken capillaries.

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realmaplesyrup said...

I am definitely a combo girl. I have to wash my face or my little pores get not so little with things I don't like. And I also have to put lotion on my face right afterwards because if I dont I can feel the tightness of my dry skin. Which is funny because I hate moisturizer built in soap because it feels filmy on my face. I would rather use soap to strip out the moisture and put it back into my skin, then use a "2 in 1"