What Colors Are Right For You?

How do you know what colors are right for your skin type? The first step is to determine whether you are a warm or a cool.

Warm: Tans easily, not to pale, not to dark, almost all medium shades in between, including olive, Mediterranean and honey tones. You have a yellow undertone. Your best clothing colors are bright colors (red, and blues) or earth tones (rust, olive, khaki, and brown)
Best makeup colors? Cheeks: apricot, peach, bronze. Lips: bronze, plums, spice, cherry reds, yellow reds, brick reds, apricot browns, soft peach, soft beige, cocoa, toast, brown-peach, peachy bronze. Worst colors: pinkish blue, dull pale pinks.

Cool: burns easily. Complexion: extreme shades on either end of the skin tone spectrum: pale, rosy or ruddy, or dark ebony. You have a pinkish blue undertone. Best clothing colors: deep jewel tones (burgundy, navy, deep indigo) or chalky pastels. Best makeup colors: cheeks: pink, rosy. Lips: blue-reds, berry, soft rose, mauve, burgundy, maroon-brown, raisin, eggplant, pink-browns. Worst colors: yellow, orange.

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