Spiral Curls

You see them everywhere now. Just about every celebrity has worn their hair like this at some point or another. How do they get it to be so perfect? My last trip to the salon had be asking my stylist just this very question, and she showed me how. Now I get to help all of you with this nice little tidbit.

You'll need a curling iron. My iron is 1" and it works just fine. Have you ever tried curling your hair in a spiral by clamping the hair at the bottom and twisting it up to the  top of your head. When you release the iron only the bottom part of the hair curled. That's because the top portion of the hair shaft didn't get any of that heat your iron uses to curl the hair.

With the iron hot and ready to go slide the open lever at the top of the hair shaft and clamp down. Slide it down until you reach the half way point, and curl up. leave the iron at the top for a few seconds.  (about 10)

 Release just enough to slide down to about three quarters of the way down curl all the way up again.

After another few seconds (10 or so) slide the slightly open iron all the way down the the bottom of the hair shaft and churl all the way up.

Now you have a spiral curl all the way down the hair.

For added definition curl both directions-spinning the iron forward and backward, alternating each time you make a curl. This will make the curls look more natural.

For a mature look, run your fingers through the curls and spray with hair spray to hold.

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