Nails and GIVEAWAY Winner!

Last day of the month means: Announcing the FREE GIVEAWAY WINNER, and the winner is: MURRAYS! Congratulations! You'll be receiving 4 oz. of ginger peach bath salt, 4 oz. of cranberry milk bath, 6 white magnolia bath bombs, one butter cream lip balm, and a bar of cilantro and lime soap! Now, aren't you glad you entered the giveaway?!

Last tidbit for March:
I didn't really touch on nails much so here is one last final tidbit to end the month of beauty. When you file your nails file in one direction always. When you use a back and forth method, you tend to make the nail brittle and will brake easier. Oh an always use something like a card board emry board. Those metal ones should only be used to pick locks, not file nails.


Tonya said...

Congrats, Liz Murray! You are going to need some R&R after the baby comes...or at least as much as you can get! ;) I am sure the bath soaps and such will be the perfect way to chill out.

Murrays said...

WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How lucky am I?!? Maybe my winning streak is starting over!!! I am looking forward to this! And yes, I am sure the R&R will be limited once this baby boy decides to make his appearance!!! :)