Fake Curls

What if your hair won't curl, or worse, won't hold a curl. Oh the stories my mom would tell about being a young woman spending all that time curling her hair only for it to be completely flat by the time she got to school. Well there is a solution. 
First, put your hair in a pony tail. Taking large sections at a time roll from the ends up until you have formed a barrel like curl at the base of the pony tail.

Now taking two bobby pins one from either direction pin the curl in place, by sliding the pin in at the scalp. the pins should be facing oppostie directions. (---> and <-----).

After you've done a few, roll the hair the opposite way-some with the hair starting pulled under, others with hair pulled over top of itself. You can even do curls side ways. The idea is to make the "curls" fill the space.

If you're having a hard time keeping the hair together, slide some palmade through the entire shaft of hair to get it to be firm. This will also aid in keeping the curls in place. This style is great for weddings, or proms where you want your do to last a while.

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