I have mentioned exfoliation a few times, but never mentioned why it is so important. When you don't exfoliate the dry skin stays on top. Sometimes you can even see the flakes starting to form in severe cases. When you put lotion or cream on dry hands that haven’t been exfoliated half of that cream is lost in the skin cells that will soon flake off. Your skin is constantly renewing itself. When the dead dry skin flake off you’re left with new layers of skin. When you exfoliate you’re beating your skin to the punch. Clearing the skin of the driest cells allows the moisturizer to penetrate much deeper, leaving your skin moistened and soft for much longer. Creams are better in the cooler months, while lotions are better in the hotter months. They are thinner and the skin tends to not be as dry because of the increase in humidity. If you pick the right exfoliator, and your skin isn’t overly dry that may even be enough. Look for ones with moisturizing properties.

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